A Career Change After 40

3 Reasons To Major In Online Marketing

More universities are beginning to offer degrees in online marketing, thanks to a high demand for college graduates with digital marketing skills. With an online marketing degree, you will have a thorough and up-to-date grasp of internet marketing strategies and concepts, including paid search, SEO content writing, social media management, and more. These skills are in high demand as more and more companies focus on targeting customers online instead of through traditional channels. Here are three reasons to major in online marketing:

Your Career Path is Wide Open

Online marketing is a versatile field that allows you to custom design a career that meets your preferences and needs. If you are interested in stability and a high income, you can apply for positions such as Marketing Manager or Director of Digital Marketing for an established corporation or start-up. If you prefer the flexibility and autonomy of being your own boss, you can leverage your degree into a career as a self-employed digital marketer or inbound marketing content writer for your own private clients, or offer online marketing consultant services.

Your Skills Will Be In Demand

Today's consumers research products and services online before making a purchase, follow their favorite brands on social media, shop online instead of in the store, and are generally more easy to reach and engage through online channels. Companies know this and are pouring more and more resources into their digital marketing efforts in order to remain competitive.

This means that there is a growing demand for employees with online marketing skills, and in fact, digital marketing careers rank highly when it comes to the most promising job markets. This demand means you are much less likely to spend time being unemployed after graduation and may have your choice of several job opportunities.

You'll Never Get Bored

Online marketing skills are wide-ranging, which means you get to focus on the niche that is most interesting and fun to you personally. You may find analytics and marketing ROI to be fascinating, or discover that you prefer growing brand awareness through social media efforts or paid searches. If you love to write, becoming a strategic marketing copy writer is one possible path that will allow you to pursue your passion. With so many exciting skills to learn, you will never get bored.

Earning a degree in online marketing will teach you valuable and marketable skills that will help you land your dream job or even help you launch your own online marketing business. To learn more, contact a company like UW Whitewater - College of Business & Economics

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A Career Change After 40

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